Former Miss Tanzania and bongo mega star loses 560 million dollars within minutes.

Tanzania has two types of celebrities; those like Diamond and harmonise who are all over social media and talk money, and there are those whose money talks. They don’t waste time online chasing clout. They include international Tanzanian supermodel Flaviana Matata, and former Miss Tanzania Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe AKA K-lynn.


K-lynn was one part of the golden bongo trio that also included Ray C, and Lady Jay Dee who continues to be active in the studio.
K-lynn however lost an incredible amount of money just yesterday, and it all happened within just a matter of minutes.


She married mining magnate Reginald Mengi in a colourful wedding in 2015, and when Mengi died in 2019, his will stated that he had left all his wealth to K-lynn.

However, the High Court of Tanzania has invalidated the will written by the late IPP Group billionaire.

In a ruling, Judge Yose Mlyambina said the will did not meet the legal requirements to be regarded as a valid will.

Mengi’s son, Abdiel Reginald Mengi and his brother, Benjamin Abraham Mengi, filed an objection against the will, which among others, bequeathed the deceased’s estate, estimated by Forbes to be worth Sh60 billion ($560m) in 2014, to his widow, singer-turned entrepreneur Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe Mengi and their twin sons.

The two argued that the will was not sealed, bore a signature different from the one used by the billionaire, who at the time of his death had interests in manufacturing, mining and media through his conglomerate IPP Group, and was not witnessed by any of the businessman’s relative or wife.
The two noted that Mengi had no capacity to draw the purported will in 2016 due to ill health, and that it removes from the inheritance the deceased’s other children.

Abdiel and Abraham contested that the will complicated the duty to uphold the family name and legacy by those who have been disinherited.
The court agreed with the arguments against the will and declared it invalid.
Judge Mlyambina consequently appointed Abdiel and Abraham as trustees and “directed the estate of the deceased to be distributed to the appropriate heirs in a manner of a person who did not leave a will’.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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