Former government advisor’s KDF deployment plan in Ethiopia amidst Itumbi’s claims

Even as the alleged exposé by the deputy president’s digital communication strategist Dennis Itumbi rages on, a powerful former advisor to the president and close confidant of the former Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma, has now come out with a strategy which, if implemented, may easily see next year’s polls postponed. This comes hot on the heels of claims by Dennis Itumbi that, in the aftermath of the Court of Appeal’s rejection of the BBI, government operatives are seriously mulling over the prospect of postponing next year’s elections, and extending president Uhuru’s term.

Worth noting is that, the constitution allows for a postponement of elections if the country is engaged in war.

Peter Kagwanja, a government insider who has previously served as an advisor to the government, has now outlined plans that would pave way for military intervention in Ethiopia, which has been experiencing armed conflict for a while now. Professor Kagwanja, a governance expert, who also happens to be Monica Juma’s husband said in a article in yesterday’s Sunday Nation, titled, “Only mediation can save Ethiopia from becoming the Yugoslavia of Africa” that it is incumbent upon countries in the region to get involved in the war that has pitied the Tigrayan fighters against the government’s army.

Professor Kagwanja wrote,

From its bases in Afar, the TDF (sic) is moving in to control the Djibouti-Ethiopia transport corridor, Ethiopia’s jugular vein that carries 95 per cent of supplies to Addis Abba, and cut off supplies of goods from the Port of Djibouti, including military provisions. Djibouti has moved its troops towards the border with Ethiopia.
Similarly, OLA fighters have cut off parts of the major highway that links Ethiopia to Kenya as they advance towards Addis Ababa.
Ethiopia needs pan-Africa and global help to resolve its worst humanitarian crisis in the 21st century, which has left more than four million people without food, displaced roughly two million people and pushed more than 50,000 Tigray refugees into Sudan. Only mediation, not war, can save Ethiopia from a Yugoslavian scenario.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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