Former Atheists boss with a Christian name maintains silence as effects of his salvation continue

It was a move that should have been expected from miles away, merely based on the fact that, while he professed to being an atheist, his name, Seth Mahinga, was as Christian as they come. Not only is it one of the Bible’s most common names, but it literally means “providence” in the Hebrew language.


News broke out a couple of days ago that the Atheists In Kenya secretary Seth Mahinga has resigned from the controversial society after what was said to be him having “found Jesus”.


Interestingly, even as further reactions concerning his departure keep surfacing, Seth himself has maintained silence, and has neither spoken nor offered an explanation concerning the shock move.

News of the secretary’s resignation was first broken to the public by the society’s outspoken and unapologetic abrasive president.

However, even after the unexpected revelation by the society’s president, Seth Mahinga himself has not yet come out to either confirm that indeed he has embraced God and religion, or even dismiss the version going around, and perhaps reiterate his disbelief in the existence of a God.


Harrison Mumia, the society’s president, said the decision was “deeply regretted” in a statement to media outlets on Saturday.

The statement explained, “Seth’s reason for resigning is that he has found Jesus Christ and is no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya.”
He had been in the position for a year, according to the society, and during that time he had exceeded expectations.

“We wish Seth all the best in his newfound relationship with Jesus Christ, we thank him for having served the society with dedication for the last one and a half years,” the society said in a statement.


Meanwhile, the society has invited interested parties to apply for the position by submitting their resumes.

It has been spectacularly claimed in the past that Harrison Mumia held a high-flying job in the past but was fired because of his spiritual beliefs.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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