Forgive me, I know I have hurt many people, You Will Not Hear that Again-Omosh apologises to Kenyans for recent utterances

Renown Tahidi high actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh has finally asked Kenyans for forgiveness following his recent utterances lacking respect and appreciation for those that gave him a chance to dream again.

This is after the thespian recent went live on TV claiming that he never got enough help from Kenyans urging for more goodies to be poured into his pocket, to help in changing his current state.

He went further to ask any kind hearted individual or people to help him secure production equipment to live a better life.

This did not go down so well with a number of Kenyans who trooped to social media denouncing the veteran comedian with claims of squandering the money and now back to his begging ways.

In his new and recent interview with Hiram Kamuhunjia, the comedian changed tunes thanking Kenyans for their overwhelming support, saying he had so many debts that he was able to clear using the money, hence very grateful.

The veteran actor also acknowledged the support of comedian Jalang’o and many more in ensuring he got help a move he noted will forever remain in his heart.

Omosh added that in the last round he was merely joking in asking for money and did not expect it to go down that bad with people.

“It was on a lighter note. You have seen my interviews, I’m a jocker, you know I am an actor, an entertainer – sort of a TV comedian, I can say something to make you laugh, and you guys are like what? Forgive me, I know I have hurt many people,” he said.

He noted that after going viral people would call him to appear on their functions and shows and at times offer him appearance fee, and end up providing him with ‘sweet drink’ hence finding himself drunk.

“There is this one I went, well dressed in a suit, I don’t know how I found myself but the last minute I found myself drinking and I do not even know how I got home. I was so embarrassed because my children got to see that,” he said.

The actor stated he was not accepting more offers as he had changed, and with or without rehab, he will make it, adding that he is never drunk on his own money as it it perceived.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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