Fool’s day prank gone wrong messes marriage for Kenya’s most beloved ballads singer

A heavily broken ring on top of a good ring.

One of Kenya’s biggest female contemporary singers has come out to reveal that an innocent April fool’s day joke might have very well cost her not only her relationship but also her marriage, as things are now turning out.

What, on her side, started out as simply a little harmless fool’s day prank appears to have gone totally wrong, and now, more than a month and a half since the day, the consequences of her actions are still being felt.

The heart-throb singer came out to publicly share her predicament in a brave online post, putting things in the open and in the clear for her fans.

Taking to Instagram to unload the heartache that has been burdening her for more than a month now, Nyota Ndogo, the Watu na Viatu hit maker, revealed that she had tried to prank her husband on April 1st that she was pregnant, but he took it seriously and since then, their relationship has been severely damaged.

In the lengthy post, she wrote;

Plzz come back to me. mimi hata sio pesa nalilia love. Nilikua na act don’t care couse nakula nalala vizuri najilipia bills zangu mwenyewe but one thing nakosa from you ni love. Kumbe pesa sio kila kitu muimu kupata mtu unaempenda na wewe kwako nimefika mwisho yani kama hurudi ntajifia single, “ Nyota wrote.

Nyota went ahead to further add that;

Yani nilimwambia nipo na mimba akakata simu toka tarehe moja mpaka Leo. Amenibluetik mpaka mwisho nimekula block. April fools imenikosti. Naenda maliza mwezi sijaskia sauti yake

Nyota Ndogo married Henning Nielsen from Denmark in a 2016 ceremony that was full of pomp and colour. She has gone on to publicise their relationship online, posting photos about everything that happens between them.
Fans, however, are curious as to why Nyota penned her plea to Nielsen in Kiswahili yet he seemingly doesn’t speak the language.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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