Farah Maalim: Mt. Kenya dynasties foolishly think Raila is old and will be a puppet president

Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker, who is also a former Lagdera member of parliament, Farah Maalim, threw a spanner in the works, claiming that the reason Uhuru Kenyatta and his cronies are determined to push through a Raila Odinga presidency is not an altruistic reason that has to do with unity of the country as has always been claimed, but rather, one that is shrouded in selfishness and also underestimating the former Prime Minister.

Farah Maalim claims that the Mount Kenya ruling elite still want to rule the country, but they are smart enough to realise that this will be difficult under the current conditions. They also know that once the seat goes to a vibrant and youthful leader such as William Ruto, it will take long before it ever reverts back to them. Because of this, Farah opines that the group has come up with a plan to back Raila Odinga.

Due to his advanced age, Farah thinks the Mount Kenya dynasties believe Raila will be able to serve only a single term then they’ll take the seat back comfortably. 

He was speaking during an interview with Ken Mijungu on KTN.

He however said that this underestimating of the former premier was being naïve. He reminded listeners the factors surrounding the Moi presidency when he was considered just a passing cloud by the Mount Kenya mafia, only for him to lead a firm and politically stable government for more than 24 years.
Although the full circumstances surrounding the Handshake have never really been made public up to this day, its main architects deny even the mere fact that it has any political underpinnings to it.

Nevertheless, observers believe that the main reason for the Handshake is a desire by president Uhuru Kenyatta to see his bosom friend, Senator Gideon Moi finally ascend to power, and the shortest way to this is installing a transient president who will then hand over power to Gideon after just one term, and Raila Odinga is considered the best candidate for this.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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