Ezekiel Mutua’s latest attack on Eric Omondi’s show backfires

Barely a day after striking a deal with Comedian Eric Omondi about his content on wife material show, Kenya Films Classifications Board chairman Ezekiel Mutua is once again at it.

Mutua reached out issuing a statement on their upcoming show with former news anchor Betty Kyallo on KTN home after concerns were raised.

According to Mutua, despite the quiz show dubbed 18+ and airing at 8 PM (within the watershed period), no adult content will be aired at the time and the show will be completely adherent to the laid down regulations.

“Following the avalanche of complaints about this poster and possibility of a Show rated 18+ airing at 8 pm (within the watershed period), KFCB raised the matter with the Standard Group Management and the MD Joe Munene has assured us no adult or explicit content will be permitted,” Mutua tweeted. 

In his detailed statement, Mutua went further to explain the meaning of some of the words used in the posters.

1. The 18+ refers to the age of the participants, not the nature of the content. This is a live show on KTN Home and we have assurance from the MD Joe Munene that no adult or explicit content will be permitted.

2. The poster with 18+ communicates the wrong message and will be pulled down immediately.

3. The content will fully comply with the stipulations of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 as well as the Kenya Information and Communications Act (KICA) and the Programming Code.

Netizens were thereafter quick to make their comments asking where the problem comes from.

“What are the complaints about? Is the problem here Eric or anticipated, unknown “suspected” content?” Questioned David Makali.

“Your obsession with Eric Omondi and everything he does makes some of us question the real intention of your purported fight against what you call “illicit content”.” Erick Aluru Tweeted.

“Am in talk with Luo elders to slaughter virgin chicken & give you back its gizzard. It seems Eric Omondi ate such a gizzard without dividing for you a piece as it should. The hatred is too much.” Nicholas Ogola.

Onsante “The moral cop is soon going to rate your comments on a scale of obscenity to him.”

“My friend you have to remember we are in the 21st century and all the kids have phones, iPads and they watch all kinds of content on Facebook and YouTube, so frustrating the duo is just nothing but a low thinking and killing efforts of our young talents.” Felix Kemboi Opined.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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