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EXPOSED; Connection Between Kenyatta Northland city, Nairobi Metropolitan and Ruai.
An artist model impression of the upcoming Northlands City

The ultimate intention that led to the signing transfer deal between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and the National Government and the rising intrigues revolving around Nairobi Metropolitan Services has finally been revealed.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had made the unprecedented initiative to take over crucial functions of Nairobi county allegedly because of chaos and mismanagement of the Kenya’s capital city.

On his part, the embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s is said to have accepted the deal and surrendered key county functions as a strategy to dodge an impending impeachment motion that was being moved against him. Top among the functions Sonko surrendered include Health, Transport, Public Works, Utilities and Ancillary, Planning and development services.

The newly formed Nairobi Metropolitan services saw the appointment of a Military officer in the name of Major General Mohamed Badi being awarded a civilian duty to head the new establishment.

It is said that Major Gen Badi of the Kenya Air-force is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s long time ally and schoolmate at St Mary’s School. His appointment and at-least ten other military officers who were seconded by KDF was reportedly after an intelligence recommendation to the president that persons from disciplined forces could easily be trusted with such assignment as they have been trained to take orders from their seniors and execute them to the letter.

Sources close to insiders who were at the center of the formation of NMS claim the real plan to control Nairobi county was to help develop the Kenyatta family’s Sh500 billion Northlands City in Ruiru which ideally falls under the Nairobi Metropolitan geographical area.

The Northlands City is strategically located at an area that will easily be linked to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi’s central business district, Thika Superhighway and Northern and Eastern bypass.

The sources intimated that the Uhuru led government stalled the construction of the state funded rival Konza city so as to enable a smooth completion of Kenyatta’s Northlands city.

To the benefit of the Kenyatta’s city, the control of Nairobi County was very crucial as most if its resources and those from the national government are currently being swiftly allocated for the construction of road and rail connectivity and 200-acre Infinity Industrial Park under development off the Eastern Bypass.

The new city will be linked to Nairobi’s CBD and JKIA via a railway network and an express road. In a systematic scheme to utilize taxpayers resources, the government expanded and completed the construction of the Greater Eastern Bypass that connects Thika Superhighway to Mombasa road so as to cater for the Northlands City. The family is also plotting to control the high-capacity buses for the bus rapid transit (BRT) system once the Northland City is completed.

The Northlands City will play host to both the low and high income residential areas, commercial space,malls, hotels, clubhouses a central business district, schools, an industrial area, and an agricultural zone.

The construction of the Kenyatta city is coming with many casualties. Leading the pack is the Deputy President William Ruto who also came up with a rival idea to construct a similar model city at Ruai. National government stopped Ruto’s project in guise of repossessing the grabbed land to construct a Nairobi Sewerage, a process that was resisted by the Nairobi Governor, Ruto’s ally, who refused to cooperate and provide necessary approvals leading him to a collision with the Kenyatta family.

Kenyatta family is also partnering with a French firm to set up a mega power plant at the Dandora dumpsite to serve the Northland City. That explains the reason why the Ruai land had to be repossessed to construct Dandora Estate Waste Sewerage Treatment Plant, equally intended to serve the good residents of Kenyatta’s Northland city.

In the grand scheme, the Kenyatta led government also initiated the construction of Sh6.8 billion Northern Water Collector Tunnel that was to divert water from the Aberdare conservation area in Murang’a County to serve the hundreds of thousands of people who will be putting up at the Northlands City.

In the coming weeks or months, Kenyans may be treated to more city hall wars as word on the grapevine has it that Sonko is out to block Kenyatta family multi- billions Nairobi metropolitan projects.

The Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has refused to furnish government with critical documents relating to the transferred functions as he announces his intention to move to court to terminate the who deal, citing frustrations from National government.

Clearly, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s assumption of power in 2013 really served to oil the Kenyatta business juggernaut. Completing the project within the remaining two years is an impossibility, the only possibility here is the extension of Uhuru’s term or stay in power. But will Kenyans stomach it? only time will tell.

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    Written by Kate Baraza




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