Exciting and fascinating lifestyle of the missing Kitengela 4 now exposed 

The incident concerning the four young men who have been missing since last week is quickly taking on the shape and form of a thrilling fast-paced movie. With each passing day, more and more interesting facts about the men keep coming out.
It is now emerging that the men lived life on the fast lane, maintaining a lifestyle that left many envious, and others curious as per the source of their wealth, and how they were able to manage such an existence.
Take Benjamin Amache Imbai for instance. The missing man who is reported to be 30 is said to have had a weakness for the flashy and finer things of the world. He is also said to have been the party animal of the group. Reportedly, he could go for hours on end making merry and having the time of his life.
Since his disappearance, his brother, Elvis Imbai, has come out to say that Benjamin had notified him that he was scheduled to meet their other brother the day he went missing. In the evening, he was unreachable on the phone.
He said his brother had notified him of his whereabouts in Kitengela and when he saw pictures circulating on social media, he positively identified his brother.
Imbai reported the matter to Kitengela police station.
He said his brother, a father of one, had a car hire business. He lived at Everest estate in Athi River.
Elijah Obuong 35, is also said to have had a particular liking for the luxurious and fancy things. Whenever he was pressed to explain how he managed to bankroll his lifestyle, he said he had wealthy relatives abroad.
Obuong is a father of one and lives in Kayole area. His mother Caroline said she spoke to him last Sunday but on Tuesday she received a message on social media that he could be in danger and that prompted her to report to police.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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