Ex top journalist exposes relationship with senior govt officials, top celebrity in tell-all dossier

In what is set to shake up the current “calm” in the Kenyan political and entertainment grapevine, a former top presenter with KTN is now spilling the beans on what she terms as her previous chaotic and steamy life full of alcohol, sex and intrigues. Among other issues, she opens up on her relationships with top government officials and celebrities who include the late Trueblaq Entertainment CEO Big Kev, and a former Central Bank governor whose name she tactfully avoids mentioning but makes it pretty obvious who she’s talking about. She reveals the love the controversial CBK Governor had for her, and the passion she had within her in return.

Aida Muturia who has been sharing hot details on her past life as a top journalist with KTN through a serialised Nation Newspaper cache of articles titled ”Death by Installments; The Aida Muturia story” revealed that during her days at KTN, while she was in a relationship with a rich man called Saraswati, she was cheating on him with another man called Maloy, who, according to her, was a machine in bed.

Following multiple dramas and events that rocked her life, she resigned from KTN and eventually ended up working at the Central Bank of Kenya. Here, she just falls short mentioning that the CBK Governor she was working under was Andrew Mullei. Of her working relationship with the apparent Andrew Mullei she wrote,

He was deeply appreciative and supportive of my work. He listened to me attentively. He penned generous and approving notes all over my proposals and any other documents that required ‘my’ office’s advice, comments or feedback.
He almost loved me like a daughter. Our relationship felt like that. I passionately loved working under him and even charmed the media into falling in love with him…

Afterwards, the governor was fired and replaced by a woman governor, which is what makes it obvious who she was talking about (Jacinta Mwatela replaced Andrew Mullei). She eventually left the CBK and started working for Big Kev. Of Kev she wrote,

We shared the same neighbourhood when we were kids. He was one of those cool guys who had an incredible worship worthy kind of magnetic presence and the kids in the hood would always flock around him.
That quality had magnified exponentially when I met him those many years later.
Trueblaq was his company. It was struggling a lot at the time — cash flow issues and all, but I had no idea.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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