Ex-CS Hassan Wario’s former wife tells Lilian Nganga to move on; stop obsession with wealth

Kaltum D Guyo

I have walked that path and it is fear unknown”, starts the disturbing and hard-hitting piece of advice to Lilian Nganga from Kaltum Guyo, where she reveals a lot, and even pulls in former Machakos Senator, Johnston Muthama. Before Lilian Nganga and all her drama, there was Kaltum Guyo whose divorce from her controversial CS husband whose criminal court case concluded recently, was just as dramatic, if not more. Wario told the court that when they were abroad, Kaltum returned to the house late at night and didn’t bother to explain her whereabouts. Just then a man called her, and since then, her husband never had sex with her again.

Kaltum is now giving Lilian Nganga a few nuggets of wisdom including telling her bluntly to move on and stop squabbling over material things.

In the advisory that Kaltum penned to Lilian through a column in the Daily Nation, she wrote,

Do not have hang-ups on material things you leave behind. They mean little to your life. Save yourself and your children first. If you cannot afford to escape, ask for help from family and trusted friends. Don’t sign up to a return agreement; the first threat was enough to rile your partner up. A man who threatens your life for whatever reason is not man enough for you. Go and start a new happy life somewhere far away.

Kenyan powerful men in public life get away with domestic abuse because they believe they can. They use instruments of power to harass their partners and interfere with cases.”

While Lilian Nganga had lawyer Murgor tag along to her press briefing where she informed the nation of her alleged agony, Kaltum wrote a message to her ex-husband which then went public. The message read, (this was during their separation after she filed for divorce and Wario allegedly locked her out of the house they reportedly owned together),

Dear Hassan, please refer to the various phone calls and text messages you sent me in the last couple of days while I was away. I hope you appreciate that we are now fully separated and you agreed to it in the presence of a witness. I have never at any time tried to contact you or inundate you with calls when you are away for weekends or any other time during our separation. I consider your act of phoning me incessantly while I am away as harassment.
I do not understand why you should threaten to lock me out simply because I decided not to return home for a couple of days. I have never at any time threatened you when you failed to return home. I understand the circumstance of our separation entitles me as much as it does you, to live my life independently. I still have the right to stay in the house until the courts decide otherwise. In the meantime, I would appreciate if you could uphold the terms of our separation as agreed.

As I take your threat of locking me out of the house seriously, I am therefore copying this email to my lawyer Mr Clinton Charlery. I hope I shall have access to the house on my return. Yours sincerely Kaltum D Guyo.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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