Eric Omondi ignores government’s ultimatum, vows to continue with his controversial show

Controversial comedian Eric Omondi has stated that he has not given up into anything hinting that he had a plan for the industry as an entertainer.

In his statement, the comedian claimed that they have lost so many comedians from the industry and vowed that he would not be part of it.

He also alleged that the fans are the ones that are pushing his fellow comedians into depression.

“We have lost so many comedians from the industry and I will not be part of it. This is because the very same fans are the ones that push my fellow comedians into depression. We have to grow and I am trying to put my country on the map,” Eric Omondi said.

Omondi argued that he is a mirror of the society and therefore should be allowed to cross the line a little as a comedian. He vowed to take it upon himself to shake up things in the industry.

“I am taking it upon myself to shake up things and to push the envelop. That is the work of a comedian, to reflect the society. I am allowed to cross the line a little because I mirror the society,” Omondi stated.

This comes after The Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua had advised the comedian to put a disclaimer on his videos and let everyone know that it is for the adults only.

“You find artists such as Eric Omondi recording themselves in compromising postures and then he claims to be the African President for Comedy. Respect yourself and the kids. 

Put a disclaimer on your videos and let everyone know it is for the adults. We are not here to protect adults but kids,” Mutua stated.

Omondi was also arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) for allegedly producing unauthorised content. 

The comedian was asked by KFCB boss to delete all the explicit content running on his online channels and suspend the program hours after he issued an apology.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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