Epic battle in ANC looms days after Malala called party deputy S.G, Sabula, a thief.

Days after Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala launched a scathing and unexpected verbal attack on his own deputy party leader and Lugari member of parliament Ayub Sabula, the vocal Amani National Congress deputy party leader has remained silent on the issue. However, as parliament goes into its second day today following its recess, Sabula is expected to make a response anytime.

In the shocking video courtesy of his press department, Cleophas Malala Press, and which has since been posted on his online profiles, the Kakamega senator wondered how it could be that his predecessor Bonny Khalwale, Mumias East legislator Benjamin Washiali and Ayub Sabula could be responsible for identifying a sugar investor, yet they had presided over the failing of Mumias Sugar Company.

Alluding to an earlier speech by Dr. Bonny Khalwale where he claimed that he had even received a scar while fighting for Mumias Sugar Company, Malala stated that only thieves and criminals have scars, and that he was wounded while stealing from Mumias.

He, in the video, then goes ahead to tear into Ayub Sabula, claiming that the MP committed advertisement fraud through his media company. He stated that even Price Waterhouse Coopers had implicated him in a fraudulent dealing whereby he received money from Mumias Sugar Company to advertise for them, and erect billboards from the coast to Western Kenya, but never did so despite receiving the money.

The Kakamega senator went ahead to claim that it is this case that the Lugari member of parliament is currently facing in the courts.

It’s worth noting that the case which Ayub Sabula is currently in court for has to do with irregular advertisement dealings with the National Lands Commission, NLC, and not Mumias Sugar.

Interestingly, while Musalia is yet to weigh in on the matter of his squabbling party members, he has appeared to take the same stand with Malala, attacking the direct awarding of Mumias Sugar Company’s leasehold to Devki Group by KCB without proper and inclusive consultations.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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