Enziu tragedy survivor now reveals events minutes to accident, blames the dead, defends driver

The heart wrenching tragedy at River Enziu which saw a bus capsize in Kitui County has now taken a fresh twist after one of the survivors emerged with a version that not only absolved the driver of the ill-fated vehicle from blame but also placed the blame squarely on most of the dead victims.

In an account by Simon Kea who survived the harrowing event, the driver was actually against the idea of crossing over the waters but was pressured into doing so by the passengers. Kea when on to claim that as a matter of fact the bus was overloaded. He however didn’t reveal if this was done with the approval of the driver.

According to Simon, the driver said he was afraid since he was not familiar with the bridge and he feared for the worse but they still insisted that he should cross.

“When the passengers saw that two matatus had already crossed the river and a lorry they insisted that the driver should as well do the same,” Kea said.

This was when he further revealed that the bus was overloaded and even had some of the passengers standing along the walk-way.

This, he claims, was after more passengers who had been left stranded by the over-flowing river banks boarded the bus hoping to get assistance in crossing to the other side.
According to him, the bus had almost 20 passengers who were standing.

“We were more than 60 in the bus when it overturned right inside the river, many people were also standing along the walkway,” Kea said.

Kea said that he did not know how to swim and his life was saved by a diver who immediately jumped into the waters when the bus overturned.

“I am really grateful that the diver saved my life, I really thank God for sparing my life,” he said.

By Sunday morning, 23 people had been reported dead while 10 others were saved by the divers who were on a rescue mission following the accident.

The survivors are currently fighting for their lives at a Mwingi Hospital.

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