Emotional Jalang’o Responds after being given 48 hours Ultimatum to collect his Sh18K grant

The celebrated Kiss 100 radio presenter Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has finally opened up talking after a young lad he offered help by paying his 3 months rent arears gave him 2 days ultimatum to collect his refund of the same.

Talking in a video, the Bonga na Jalas show host said that the young Victor Mboy a should just wire the sum of Ksh. 18, 000 directly to his M-Pesa account without clout chasing with unnecessary ultimatums.

The outspoken comedian went on to say that he helped the then struggling Victor whole heartedly, and that he is sorry if he took offence at his candid advice thereafter.

“You see this young man telling me to come and get my 18K from him. Do you know that guy alinipigia Magoti hapa nje nikamwambia you don’t have to kneel down for me… he came here kuomba doo saying Nyumba yake imefungwa.

Then I told him hii mambo ya kubebabeba placard haitakusaidia tafuta kitu ya kufanya, “Go work you Ass off” that as slang for do not sit down, go work extremely hard. Yeye akaenda kutafuta nayo clout ati nilimtukana. Sina time ya kutukana watu and whoever is using him for clout…if you don’t want the money you don’t have to give me 48 hours…just send via Mpesa si uko na Number yangu.

If he can do that is Okay, there are people who have told me they don’t even need 18K, they just need 2K to eat, it hurt me so much mtu alikuja hapa akipiga magoti anasema he has given me 48 hours to collect the money” said Jalang’o in part.

He further expressed his displeasure at the young man’s ingratitude since bailing him out.

“I don’t need to know you to help you…if you really wanted to send it and you don’t want it and you think I belittled you, and if you really think I belittled you and you didn’t understand what I said, am sorry but what I meant is go out there and work” said Jalas.

Jalang’o’s sentiments comes days after Mboya went viral giving him 48 hours ultimatum to collect the Ksh. 18,000 he had given him to clear the three month’s rent arears.

The moneyed Mboya displayed a wad of notes online, claiming that the fanny man should collect it within 48 hours as refund.

“Felix Odiwuor (Jalang’o), come for your money. I’m giving you 48 hours you come collect your money. He can pin his location so that we meet and I hand him the cash,” he said.

Mboya had thanked the Journalist for bailing him out with the sum of money, but was displeased with his words thereafter attracting all the unnecessary drama.

“I will pay your rent, that is not the problem. The Problem is, after this then? Look at these people around here, all they have is a phone and they are doing something. You have to look for ways to push yourself.

“You don’t have to peg your life on somebody else. Because once you paid for this, you will go to the house, what else are you going to do? Don’t look for easy ways in life,” Jalang’o said.


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    Written by Fred Orido

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