Embarrassment as K’ogalo discover they hired a Brazilian street trainer as coach

One of the most shameful and embarrassing incidents that can ever happen to a club that not only prides itself on being the most successful club in Kenyan footballing history, but also boasts of the moniker “Green Army” happened recently.  

It was just as recent as October, when, with so much pomp and colour at the Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, the club announced to the world that they had just hired a new Brazilian tactician. The club’s chairman Ambrose Rachier even went as far as bragging online, writing, 

 “We are excited to announce the arrival of our new coach Roberto Oliveira from Brazil. He has had long coaching experience in Africa thus making him more conversant with African football. We think he will be a great asset in our quest to achieve better results on the field.” 

However, recently all this came to naught when, in preparation for their participation in the CAF Championships League as Kenya’s Premier League winners, they made a shocking discovery. 

The first sign of trouble was when, as protocol demands, the Confederation of African Football, CAF, wrote to FKF asking for Oliveira’s CAF A certificate which is mandatory for any coach handling a team participating in CAF tournaments. However, Roberto Oliveira came up with excuses as to why he didn’t have it.

Despite this, Gor somehow (no doubt due to their connections, and probably also influence from the office of AU’s Special Envoy for Infrastructure, as Raila Odinga has been their patron) managed to get CAF to lower their demands to a CAF “B” certificate, which is of lesser significance than what they wanted earlier.Gor’s management was outraged when Oliveira still couldn’t come up with this. 

Apparently, he confessed, and shamelessly so, that the only certificate he had was a Covid-19 clearance form he received at the border.

According to CAF rules, one can’t be allowed anywhere near the dugout during matches unless he or she is a duly qualified coach holding CAF “A” license.

Interestingly, eventually it is a Kenyan, born and bred, Sammy Omolo, AKA Pamzo that has come to the club’s rescue. The Posta Rangers tactician who holds all the prerequisite paper requirements will stand in for Roberto Oliveira during their CAF assignment against APR in Rwanda. 

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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