Embarambamba drops phone number on live TV, and it’s going through! 07262042…

Kenyan Report can now authoritatively confirm and reveal all the ten digits of the verified phone number of entertainer, stuntman and top Kisii singer, Embarambamba.

The high-powered singer shared his personal phone number publicly in a bid to get the Kenya Film Board Commission chairman Ezekiel Mutua to reach out to him after he made a brazen plea for help to the opinionated board chairman.

It all started recently after clips of Embarambamba’s antics went viral showing him pull daredevil stunts that not only put him in danger, but also put in danger those around him.

Following this, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua put out a tweet that seemed to suggest Embarambamba’s antics were dangerous, and not only ill-advised, but, as a matter of fact, needed to be put to a stop.

Yesterday, while appearing on The Trend show which is hosted every Friday by Amina Abdi Rabar, Embarambamba raised the issue, saying it had come to his attention that even senior people in government had something to say about his songs and style.

Going on, he said that while he respected Mutua’s views, he also believed that it would be more helpful if instead of simply criticising, the doctor could also put in some help. He said that he would be very grateful if Dr. Ezekiel Mutua could invite him to his office, since the reason he does the things he does is because of poverty.

The drama of the night seemed to get escalated by the minute, after Ezekiel Mutua himself joined in on the conversation, tweeting and replying in real time.

Mutua responded in a tweet saying that Embarambamba should desist from his daredevil antics, poverty notwithstanding. He then welcomed Embarambamba to his office so that they could discuss a way forward.

An excited Embarambamba then asked Amina to run his number on the screen, before going ahead to read it aloud himself. 0726204282

He also reached out to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, reminding them of an incident in 2013 when they were stoned in Kisii during the presidential campaigns, and asked the president to help him.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga





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