Elachi slams Mwilu and sides with Murgor after dramatic showdown, as women continue to show disunity.

The misogynistic and misguided notion that women are their own worst enemies sadly seemed to get validation yesterday after Beatrice Elachi, who ironically, is the CAS for Public Service and Gender Affairs, slammed fellow female leader, Philomena Mwilu.

Delving into the issue of the dramatic showdown that occurred between Senior Counsel Phillip Murgor and Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu on Friday during the vetting of candidates for the Chief Justice position, Elachi sided with Murgor. She went ahead to not only echo the views that had been given by Murgor during the tense exchange, but even reiterated them, doubling down on the attacks directed at Mwilu.

Beatrice Elachi was speaking on yesterday’s Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak, which was hosted by Sam Gituku, and also included Soi member of parliament Caleb Kositany, Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, and Kiminini MP, Dr. Chris Wamalwa. ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna was also part of the panel, but was joining them virtually.

During the face-off at the JSC vetting, Phillip Murgor had accused Judge Mwilu of asking questions that were poorly constructed, to which the acting Chief Justice said she had taken a long time to come up with the question, and didn’t appreciate the assessment. Murgor later claimed that Mwilu’s questions sounded like a high school exam.

Yesterday, Elachi appeared to not only take a similar stand, but even backed it fully.

She said that indeed, some of the questions seemed to lack direction as Murgor had said, and not only that , but that also quite a number of the questions asked were too exam oriented and sounded like questions directed at a student and not at a candidate applying for the top most judicial seat in the country.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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