Ekwe Ethuro narrates how he engaged killers in gun battle and repulsed them.

Former Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro had quite a lot to say, perhaps to make up for the long silence in which he has been engulfed.

Although he took the opportunity to officially declare that he would be throwing his hat in the ring for the 2022 Turkana gubernatorial seat after governor Josephat Nanok vacates the post following his two terms, he also narrated a chilling ordeal which would have very easily ended in his demise, but thanks to his machismo and agility with the gun, ended quite differently.


In a disturbing story involving bombs, an oil tanker and also firearms, Ekwe Ethuro told a story that exposed, not just how brutal and ruthless Kenyan politics can be, but also the complicity of government agencies in the entire murky operations.

Ekwe Ethuro was speaking on KTN’s Wako Wapi, which is hosted by journalist Mary Kilobi-Atwoli.

She asked him which was the single most unforgettable incident that he had ever experienced in his political life.

Ekwe told of a scary incident in 2002 where a group of executioners had been sent to kill him. Just to show how serious they were, they began by throwing a petrol bomb at his campaign manager earlier during the day when he was out and about his activities.

They then embarked on a plan to eliminate him which involved blowing up a tanker which he had inside his compound.

Ekwe Ethuro said that luckily, he had gotten wind of the plan and moved the tanker. The planners had also already disarmed his guards under the guise of a security operation so that he would remain vulnerable. This implies that the perpetrators were government operatives.

Ekwe says what saved him was the fact that he still had his firearm with him, and so when the attackers invaded and began shooting, he returned fire. They didn’t expect this, and when they realised there was resistance, they took off.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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