Ekuru gets down and dirty; ODM are having multiple orgasms in State House bedroom

In a mischievous speech punctuated by devilish laughs and wicked chuckles, once again, the dignified and revered scholar, Dr.Ekuru Aukot, who is quickly earning a reputation as a foul-mouthed and vulgar doctor was on the lose, as he released a string of sexually powered profanities to register his displeasure with the working arrangement between Jubilee party, and the Orange Democratic Movement party.

The good doctor, who spoke as his voice was laden with the naughty tone of a randy teenager, caught everyone by surprise, after he prefaced his shameful analogy with legalese phrases, giving the impression that he was on the verge of breaking down a Latin-worded law theory from past centuries.

Dr. Ekuru was speaking on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show, Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi, which was hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Alongside Dr. Ekuru was Amani National Congress party member Naphtali Mong’are, and political commentator, Gerald Bitok.

He did a quick recap of the events preceding the handshake, where he rightly recalled that before the 2017 election, Raila Odinga had declared a political path different from that of Jubilee, which was analogised as the path to Canaan. He would constantly lambast Uhuru, who on the other hand, behaved similarly, frequently calling Raila Mogoroki (a mad man), who he intended to send to Bondo once and for all.

Making it clear that he wasn’t defending Ruto or even working for him, he said that soon after the election, the president played a fast one on his deputy, while Raila did the same to his NASA colleagues. Noting that ODM had now become insiders in a government they didn’t help create, he declared that the opposition party had entered deep into the bedroom of State House, enjoying multiple orgasms.

It was an interview that almost turned chaotic after the host declared that Dr. Ekuru was not only partyless, but that the ThirdWay Alliance was no longer his. Ekuru shot back angrily, declaring that he was still the party leader, and no one had the ability to chase him away. Sticking to his stand that Dr. Ekuru had been already ejected from the party, Bramwell quoted sections of the media which had said so. But Ekuru dismissed the media, accusing Bramwell of using his show to spread propaganda and falsehoods.

At this point, Bramwell disclosed that he was, as a matter of fact, taking a risk hosting him on the show since the Thirdway Alliance party had threatened him with legal action if he continued hosting imposters, as they called Dr. Ekuru. Luckily, the whole situation was contained, and calm was restored.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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