Ekuru Aukot; Moi took our land in Rift Valley and gave it to Kalenjins

Ekuru Aukot has always been considered, not just a distinguished and polished gentleman, but also a scholar of exceptional capabilities that wouldn’t be expected to spew any of the emotive and divisive tribal outbursts that have become common in the daily lives of most Kenyan politicians. He is one of the architects of our constitution, which has received praise from far and wide. The reasoning behind Ekuru Aukot naming his party the Thirdway Alliance was that he was introducing a breath of fresh air- a third option that would be different from the old and divisive politics of the past.


Nevertheless, a lot has taken place since then, and he even lost control of the party that he largely helped found. Coincidentally, a similar development that has seemed to take place at the same time with his dwindling fortunes, is his readiness to get down and dirty in the uncouth tactics of Kenyan politics.


A while back, after the failing of his party’s attempt at a referendum which was titled punguza mzigo, about two years ago, Aukot claimed that the reason his Bill was rejected was because he is from a small community such as the Turkana. While this wasn’t necessarily offensive to anyone, such sentiments weren’t expected from him.


Just this past weekend, while on Radio Jambo, Aukot dropped another one that is widely considered to be below a man of his stature. He was among the guests on Bramwell Mwololo’s Mazungumzo wazi wazi which airs every weekend. Alongside him was lawyer and activist, Brian Weke, and political analyst, Gerald Bitok.


While attacking the Jubilee administration’s economic policies, Aukot said that the easiest way to effect social change within a country is by making it food secure. Referring to his co-panelist in the studio, Gerald Bitok, Aukot said that Bitok, and other Kalenjins were in a better position to feed Kenyans since Moi had “stolen our land in the Rift Valley” and given it to the Kalenjins.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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