Ekuru Aukot admits and discloses secret deal with Uhuru after election nullification

Coming at a time when embattled Thirdway Alliance party founder Ekuru Aukot is fighting hard to shrug off accusations that he is secretly working for DP Ruto’s camp, the Constitutional Lawyer has now come out to admit to accusations stemming from back in 2017, and which he equally denied vehemently at the time, of being a secret agent of the Jubilee Party through president Uhuru Kenyatta.


The unexpected revelation was confirmed by former Jubilee nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura who took the chance to once again thank Ekuru Aukot for helping them out at a difficult time. Nevertheless, Mwaura still went on to dismiss the efforts by saying that after all the hard work and machinations, Uhuru had gone ahead to shake hands with Raila.


Ekuru Aukot was speaking on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which is hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Others on the show were Amani National Congress party official Brian Mulama and United Democratic Alliance party member Pastor Gerald Bitok.


Ekuru, who has already declared interest in the presidential seat, demanded that the Kikuyu community votes for him in the forthcoming elections since they owe him a favour which they would do well to pay through supporting his candidacy.


In explaining how this came to be, Ekuru narrated how, after the 2017 polls, Raila Odinga went to the Supreme Court, and had the polls annulled. After that, a fresh challenge presented itself in the form of whether the repeat election was going to be a run-off or a fresh poll which everyone who took part in the initial polls was entitled take part in again.


Worth nothing is that by then, Raila had indicated that he was going to boycott the polls, which meant, if the elections were to be a run-off between Uhuru and Raila, then Raila’s absence would render the election useless.


Ekuru bragged in the Radio Jambo studios how he then hatched up a plan to take a case to Judge Mativo for a hearing, seeking clarification on whether the election was a repeat election or a run-off. Ekuru proudly pronounced how it was mission accomplished once Judge Mativo ruled that it was a repeat election. This gave Uhuru’s government legitimacy.


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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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