Eddies Used To Beat Janet Mbugua While Still Married

Days after rumors emerged that former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua separated with her husband Eddie Ndichu, there are now suggestions that the two separated after constant domestic violence.

The suggestions come after Eddie Ndichu was allegedly captured on camera assaulting a strange woman at Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi.

According to reports reaching blogger Edgar Obare, Eddie and his twin brother turned violent on a woman they hit on but declined their advances. The blogger’s informant told him that the twin brothers decided to beat the woman and her sister after declining their advances.

‘Yesterday we were attacked by Eddie Ndichu and his brother at Ole Sereni Hotel. He and his brother tried to hit on my girlfriend and after refusal, they became extremely violent to the extent of even attacking my girlfriend and her sister,” the informant told Obare.

Paul Ndicchu and Eddie Ndichu fighting a woman at Ole Sereni Hotel. Photo: Courtesy

In the video, Paul, Eddie’s twin brother, is also captured trying to destroying a side mirror of a vehicle parked outside the hotel before joining his brother to attack the two women

Following the attack, many people have suggested that Janet Mbugua might have walked out of her marriage with Eddie because the husband was violent.

Janet Mbugua’s ex-husband Eddie Ndichu. Photo: Courtesy

“If he can do this to absolute strangers, then it is a very safe bet to say Janet Mbugua is probably a silent victim of domestic abuse. This entitled buffoon very probably beats on her too because look at how he’s behaving surely!” an observer told Edgar.

“Our baby girl Janet must have gone through hell with that clown! We applaud her for leaving! Now that Eddie and his twin Mwaura the devils a** anytime,” another added.

Janet is said to have divorced Eddie some time back in 2020 and at the moment, she is moving around without wearing a wedding ring and has dropped the ‘wife’ tag in her social media bio.

It is, however, not immediately clear is it is the alleged domestic violence that caused the separation.


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    Written by George Okello

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