Duale reveals why UDA is working hard to ensure it’s Raila they face in 2022

Initially it had been a secret, but it came out by itself earlier in the year perhaps unintentionally, from none other than the deputy president William Ruto himself. This was when, after the Matungu by-election, it briefly appeared as if Uhuru was dropping Raila and turning his support to someone else within NASA. Ruto’s reaction was swift and unexpected. Going to the extent of praising ODM as the only national party without tribalism, he and his troops moved quickly to squash anyone else that appeared likely to overtake Raila and complicate Ruto’s 2022 calculations. However, now Aden Duale has come out to admit that indeed UDA hopes to face Raila, and has even revealed the reason behind this.


All this was unfolding on yesterday’s episode of Jeff Koinange Live show hosted by Jeff Koinange. The other guest on the show besides the Garissa Town member of parliament and former National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale was the Orange Democratic Movement party chairman John Mbadi.

Duale began by admitting that indeed UDA is hoping that Raila is the rival they meet at the ballot. He then went on to claim that the reason they would have it so is because, of all the opposition leaders, Raila is the most formidable and worthy opponent who is likely to present any meaningful challenge.

A smart John Mbadi who quickly saw through what he probably considered to be Duale’s white lie, wondered how on Earth somebody would hope to meet a strong opponent on the ballot yet it is a proven fact that a competitor will always wish to face a weak rival in order to beat him or her easily.
It is suspected that the reason the DP’s wing prefers Raila on the ballot is so that Raila-phobia among the Kikuyu will help consolidate the Mount Kenya vote behind Ruto’s candidature.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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