Duale; I was with Musalia when he stole cemetery money.

In an unexpected and daring revelation that might see EACC investigators and detectives from the DCI take him in for questioning, and to help with investigations, Aden Duale yesterday admitted to being an accessory to a crime.
Former National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has always been known to be a fiery speaker who might find himself yapping things that are considered unacceptable once he begins talking. However, never has he been known to be as careless as to admit culpability, and thus incriminate himself.
The Garissa politician, who is most famous, or infamous, for insulting the former Bomet governor’s (Isaac Ruto) mother when accusing him of unaccountability while using county allocations, was part of a group of leaders who had accompanied Deputy President William Ruto to Kajiado as part of tanga tanga’s countrywide tours.
In the rally, the DP’s allies made the president and his kieleweke team the focus of their anger.
Kikuyu legislator Kimani Ichungwa said that the only reason Sonko was being ousted from office was because he was a hustler, and not someone from a prominent family. Sonko himself said that it was the president, and not him, who deserved to be impeached.
It was during the scathing attack by Aden Duale that he began with registering his shock over Uhuru’s handling of his succession. He said that never before had it ever happened that a retiring president wasn’t trying to leave the seat in the hands of someone from his party.
He said this despite the fact the President has so far yet to campaign for someone from another party as his successor, or even campaign for anybody at all.
It was immediately after this that Duale said he knew very well the habits of each leader in the country. He said he knew Uhuru, Raila and Ruto better than anyone else, but then went on to drop the shocker, saying that when Musalia was stealing money meant for a city cemetery, they were together.
Back when he was minister for local government, Musalia was accused of engaging in fraudulent activities with funds that had been earmarked for work on a mavoko cemetery.
The charges have since been dropped.

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