Duale gives new demand to support the BBI

Garissa Member of Parliament Aden Duale has today broken his silence giving a condition under which his fellow Northerners would support the constitutional change through the Building Bridges Initiative bill.

According to the former Majority leader in parliament, the people from the North-Eastern side of Kenya will vote a no for the bill unless some of their newly set demands are met.

During his talk, Duale revealed that unless the North-Eastern part of Kenya was awarded two extra constituencies, they would still vote no.

The legislator categorically stated that the Ijara and Wajir South Constituencies could still be split to give two additional constituencies.

“If you want us to listen to this BBI thing, then give us the two extra constituency seats. It is very sad how we are being hoodwinked into supporting the amendments when our interests have clearly not been met,” said Duale.

The lawmaker found fault with President Uhuru Kenyatta and former premier Raila Odinga for not awarding the area with constituencies, in memory of the good work done by the late senator Haji on BBI.

“Honestly, Uhuru and Raila formed the committee led by our very own Senator Yussuf Haji who despite his age went round the country, but at last this is what they did to him; not even rewarding him with a constituency which is sad,” said Duale.

On the contrary Garissa governor Ali Korane said that despite being disgruntled by the BBI, they will still support it.

Duale’s remarks were contrary to his earlier remarks where he had in 2019 stated that the document would go nowhere just like the TJRC report.

‘’Amidst all the calls for a referendum, which in my view are just distractions tactics, we must be cautious not to allow the BBI report to be just another report that shall gather dust somewhere in a locker! We have been there before!’’ warned Duale on Twitter.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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