Duale brags about how Uhuru folded when he once called him to complain about his minister

It has been repeatedly claimed that in his first term, Uhuru was a president under siege, and who had been held captive by his deputy and his deputy’s henchmen. Now former strong man and previous leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale has appeared to give credence to these claims.

Duale spoke while appearing on ntv’s weekly interactive show With All Due Respect which is hosted by the station’s presenter James Smart.

Smart asked his host whether he is a master of doublespeak, and played him a clip where he castigated the then recently sacked Cabinet Secretary for Devolution Anne Waiguru who’s now the governor of Kirinyaga. He inquired from Duale whether he still stood by his sentiments concerning the Kirinyaga governor since they’re both in UDA.

Duale began by giving context to the event. He said this was back when Waiguru had mentioned him in the National Youth Service scandal that was trailing her at the time. He then went ahead to reveal that even before the famous Press Conference where he attacked Waiguru, he had called President Uhuru Kenyatta who was, at the time in Israel, to express his displeasure with Waiguru’s conduct. He then informed the president that he was on his way to make a scathing attack on the Cabinet Secretary. According to Duale, the President offered no resistance at all and instead appeared to fall in line, and gave Aden Duale the go-ahead to proceed with his Press Conference.
The Garissa Township member of parliament also revealed that this incident is captured in a memoir which he is currently working on.

At the time, Duale, at a press briefing at Parliament, vowed to start an all-out campaign to ensure the former CS’s assets were frozen and seized, to “recover the millions stolen.”

“I am taking a sabbatical from attacking Cord, the Kericho and Malindi by-election campaigns to deal with Ms Waiguru who has touched a live wire. She is looking for anyone as a shield. She needs good lawyers and prayers and not human shields,” asserted the Garissa Township MP.

Ms Waiguru had claimed in her affidavit that he sent a text message to former NYS deputy Director-General Aden Harakhe warning him that “he needed to be careful lest he is used and dumped by the other side of the coalition (TNA)”.

Mr Duale claimed there was no “iota of evidence” that he benefited from the fraud and warned civil servants not to be misled by corrupt individuals.

Mr Duale, a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto, questioned why those mentioned in Ms Waiguru’s affidavit, among them DP’s personal assistant Farouk Kibet and himself, were from URP.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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