Drunk and disorderly hotelier’s son hangs himself in police cell after father gets him arrested

A sad incident in Ukambani ended up with an equally heartbreaking conclusion after a man in his late twenties reportedly took his own life by hanging himself inside a police cell. It is said that the man, identified as Victor Muasya, went to his father’s business premises while drunk and caused a furore which later on risked getting out of hand after he began threatening some of his father’s workers.


According to his father, his son Victor went to the hotel drunk and caused a fracas. He said that this was unusual of him whenever he was sober. He said when his son was sober he would simply come in, eat and go away without creating any scene or causing any trouble. The father went on to say that since he had previously had experiences with his son when drunk, he had already given him conditions under which he should come to the hotel. He had told him to only go there while sober, but never step there if intoxicated.


However, on the fateful day, Victor was out of control. His father says they tried reigning him in but to no success. Rowdy and uncontrollable, he claimed that some of his father’s workers were not only gossiping about him, but also doing so in marketplaces.


His father said that seeing the condition in which his son was, he could have easily injured someone. He admits that he himself was wary of trying to contain him since he couldn’t put it past him injuring even him, his own father.


It was at this point that he decided to call in the police and have him held until he came back to his senses. However, this was sadly not to be since he received reports that his son had harmed himself. He says that when he went to the police station, he found that Victor had hanged himself using part of his clothing. They took him to a mortuary in Wote afterwards.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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