Dramatic showdown as Ahmednasir and Makau Mutua go head to head, tearing into each other

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi
Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi

A war that escalated pretty quickly, spinning out of control, ending up with no one even remembering that the cause of it all was the Attorney General, Paul Kihara to begin with. Interestingly, the distinguished Attorney General, who throws in a British accent for good measure, didn’t stain himself with mud even once as the two rowdy lawyers went at each other in a murky and undignified brawl.

Former Law Society of Kenya president Ahmednasir Abdullahi, who has since come to be informally known as the grand mullah, threw what seemed like an unprovoked barb at Attorney General Paul Kihara. Ahmednasir wrote,

Ati amending the constitution and gifting away 70 constituencies is a POLITICAL and not a CONSTITUTIONAL question! SHENZI SANA!!!

Under the scathing post, Ahmednasir posted a photo of the Daily Nation which reported the Attorney General as saying that the addition of new constituencies was a political matter. In the Daily Nation article, Paul Kihara is quoted as further saying that it’s the prerogative of the voters to decide which areas should get additional constituencies, and which ones should lose, and not the work of legal or administrative agencies

Noticeably, the AG, who comes across as a polished gentleman, and wouldn’t be caught dead engaging in such exchanges, acted in character, and ignored the uncouth post.

However, surprisingly and in an unexpected twist, Professor Makau Mutua, who is a famous government critic, and has never been known to defend government officials or members of the cabinet, took on the controversial lawyer head on. In a confrontational tweet, he replied Ahmednasir, writing,

You should express yourself with the decorum befitting a senior member of the bar, and one of the most important voices in Kenya. Many young people look up to you. Please raise the bar for public discourse as I know you can. The word “shenzi” was used by racists against Blacks

Not the type to take a rebuke lying down, Ahmednasir dismissed Makau Mutua’s concerns with a contemptuous “Shut up”.

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