Drama unfolds live on radio as Gidi exposes fraudster during patanisho time.

Popular Radio Jambo presenter Gidi yesterday brought the entire country, and everybody that was tuned in to his morning show, to a standstill, after, in the middle of his show, he abruptly went off-script, and did something quite unexpected.
It was some minutes past 8:30, time for Patanisho, when Gidi decided to share something that wasn’t scripted, with his fans. He began by saying that there was someone who had somehow managed to get his number, and had sent him a message that was quite inappropriate. All this was in connection to the lottery that they carry out each morning where, everyday, someone wins 50,000. Gidi revealed that the mystery caller sent him a message proposing that they enter a fraudulent deal where Gidi would pick him as the day’s winner, and he would give Gidi 20,000 and keep 30,000 of the prize money. Gidi went on to tell off the fellow, making it clear that it wasn’t the way that he operated. This wasn’t all. Gidi actually went ahead and even exposed the name of the fraudster as Augustine from Kasarani.
Most listeners sent messages congratulating Gidi for being ethical, with a particular one even going as far as asking for the number of the dishonest fellow so that they could punish him.
This isn’t the first time that a fraudster has tried to worm his way to a famous media personality’s show.
Some years back, before people discovered that disgraced fake billionaire Heshan De Silva was actually a fraud, he went to the point of even securing a spot on Jeff Koinange’s The Bench as a guest. He had Jeff completely fooled and eating from the palm of his hand. For the entire duration of the show, Jeff kept gashing at his incredible entrepreneurial genius, and heaping praises upon praises on him.
When his victims finally came out and exposed him as a broke conman, not only did it embarrass Jeff, but also threatened to ruin his career. Luckily, the episode blew over after a while.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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