Drama As Vocal Woman Rep tear gassed at hospital protest

Locals were earlier today treated to a free drama after Isiolo Woman Rep Rehema Jaldesa was tear gassed outside Isiolo Referral Hospital where she was meeting protesting employees.

This is after the police stormed the hospital where the casual staff were protesting that their salaries had been delayed for over six months.

The woman representative was meeting a group comprising of the contracted cleaners and security guards that have been working at the facility.

“You cannot threaten me for representing my people, I am doing my job,” she told one of the police bosses at the scene.

During the protest, the hospital employees noted that the County governor had not offered any help regarding their payment, adding that they had been employed on casual basis for over 20 years.

Health Chief Officer Ibrahim Alio said that the County was yet to process any payment for the past four months due to the delay in National government disbursing funds to the devolved units.

The striking employes have been holding protests at the County Secretary’s office in Isiolo for the past 2 days, maintaining their stand of continuing the strike until their dues are fully paid.

They blamed their woes on the hiring firm that had been contracted to recruit them.
“Where is our governor, why are we being treated this way as he watches yet during the last elections we voted for him,” one of the workers said.
“I have a house that has to be paid, my children are in school among other needs. The governor should tell us whether or not we are his constituents,” another added.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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