Drama as ugly Confrontation ensue with Catholic priest dragging Kiambu County speaker from podium as Kabogo watches (Video)

Drama ensued in Kiambu when the County Speaker was dragged from the podium by an irate priest who could simply not stand his words.

Trouble started when the speaker, Stephen Ndichu faulted the Catholic Church and demanded for reforms on sacrament.

“When you are giving sacrament you usually say that only Catholics are allowed to partake. You should make reforms so that everyone is also given the sacrament” Ndichu slammed.

Ndichu claimed that the sacrament is the body of Jesus Christ and should not be given selectively.

“It is like me visiting your home and finding you eating and you fail to give me the food. That is the same feeling we have when you take the sacrament and fail to give us. That is why I am asking you to make some reforms so that we can also be allowed to take it.” Ndichu added.

An angry priest is seen walking swiftly to the podium and snatching the microphone from him.

Afterwards, former Kiambu governor William Kabogo is seen addressing the crowd.

The incident caused a heated debate online with many opining that the Church was first to invite politicians to the pulpit and as such should deal with their mess.

Others noted that with politicians taking to the pulpit with their loot, the church is slowly losing its independence.

Bruce Oketch: Serves the church right …. They’ve been giving these politicians platform for no reason.

Justo Gk Ole Mbataru: These politicians sometimes one wonders whether they engages their brains before using their tongues.

Justo Gk Ole Mbataru:These politicians sometimes one wonders whether they engages their brains before using their tongues.

Kapamo Wasonga: Serves him right they think they have authority to lecture people on everything including religion ..kasisi ungempa one hot koffi olomide

Julius Wadenya: The church needs redemption more than the politicians…. Evey Sunday is a Tanga Tanga church Sunday

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    Written by Fred Orido

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