Drama as Miguna and Jakakimba clash then kiss and makeup in brief intense face-off

In a quick engaging war of words that pitted former Raila Odinga’s adviser Dr. Miguna Miguna against his current adviser Silas Jakakimba, the two outspoken men ripped into each other in an exchange that speedily escalated and spun out of control. However, just as quickly too, each unclenched his fist, and the skirmish was ended in an unexpected handshake.

Although the two had appeared to brush against each other in earlier tense exchanges, no one would have expected things to spiral out of control. Especially since, just earlier, Miguna Miguna had teased Jakakimba about his recent marriage, congratulating him for leaving the bachelor’s club which he said was headed by lawyer Steve Ogolla.
However, in what seemed like an unprovoked attack, Miguna suddenly threw a barb at the former Prime Minister’s aide, cautioning him against aligning himself with Raila, and reminding him that all of the previous PAs to him had ended up with nothing, and never getting out of his shadow. He wrote,

Dr. Miguna Miguna
@MigunaMiguna Unsolicited advise to @silasjakakimba: None of Conman @RailaOdinga’s PAs in the last 40 years – from Ogego, Osamba, Gumbe, Arunga, Lumumba K’Owade, Caroli Omondi to Owalo – were allowed to emerge from the conman’s shadows to any ELECTED public positions. You won’t be the first.

Jakakimba who was clearly not amused by the unsolicited advice shot back quickly, correcting him that he wasn’t a PA but an adviser to Raila, and that in any case, Ojamong’ who was once a PA had ascended to MP and surpassed that to even governor. He wrote,

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba
Replying to @MigunaMiguna and @RailaOdinga JaNyando! Stop shouting you’ll lose a heartbeat Snr. For the record, I serve as Odinga’s Snr Advisor – not ‘PA’ whatever that means. And btw Snr, only mad men (can potentially) see shadows in the dark! Relax JaNyando piny ondiek okochamo And FYI, Ojaamong’ is Governor, was MP.

However, in an unexpected twist, Miguna replied in what appeared like an empathising tweet, appearing to take pity on Jakakimba for the struggles he had undergone in Raila’s hands. His tweet read,

Dr. Miguna Miguna
FACTS When @silasjakakimba vied in Homa Bay, Conman @RailaOdinga imposed Moses Kajwang’ whom voters had never heard of or seen before. When @silasjakakimba applied to the East African Assembly, the Conman chose his 80-year-old brother Oburu. @silasjakakimba complained to the wind.

Appearing to agree with Miguna but also seeming reluctant to do so openly and annoy his boss, Jakakimba posted what can only be described as a friendly and reconciliatory tweet, which said, he would ensure Miguna got back to the country. It read,

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba
Replying to @MigunaMiguna and @RailaOdinga A Snr must never be idle; I am going to take your earlier request seriously and petition His Excellency The President to personally help on your return – you miss home and I am aligned that you should be back here like yesterday. The cold out there nyalo ketho wi ng’ato JaNyando!

Miguna’s final reply was equally kind, encouraging the young ODM member to follow his scholarly pursuits relentlessly, without giving up.

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