Drama as Journalists are thrown out of Raila Odinga’s Meeting

Drama was witnessed at Nairobi’s Crown Plaza, the venue of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s meeting with the MCA’s after journalists were thrown out by security officers.

Sources indicate that the closed-door meeting was to draw a clear road map on the ongoing Building Bridges Initiative amendment proposals as they air their concerns for integration.  

Confirming the incident today at the Crown Plaza venue in Nairobi, NTV senior news reporter Kennedy Muriithi said that they were kicked out of the fourteenth flour meeting with his colleagues.

He added that they were forcefully ejected from the site after the MCA’s stated clearly that they did not want any journalist on the 14th floor.

“A meeting between ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga and the Members of the County Assembly Forum was taking place at the 14th floor of Crown Plaza before we were forcefully ejected while they were doing the introductions.

“The MCAs were very categorical that they did not want to see any member of the media on that 14th floor and that is just an indication of a stormy meeting that may be happening,” noted the reporter.

Reports indicate that the meeting was to streamline a number of issues ahead of their official conference meeting tomorrow.

Some of the issues tabled by the legislators include their welfare to be intergraded in the document, or via a bill in the parliament.

The lawmakers want a harmonized package the Members of Parliament and Senators are currently enjoying with pensions and Car loans to the tune of 2 and 4 million respectively.

They have also been lobbying for an increase in the Ward Development Funds from its present 5% to between 30 and 35%, amid allegations of insufficient funds for development.

The proposal needs the backing of at least 24 county assemblies with the various County Governors already tasked with influencing their respective county assemblies.

They are also pushing for the amendment of the preferential section that seeks to bar them from contesting for Parliamentary positions.

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    Written by Fred Orido

    Raila in a closed door meeting with lawmakers

    Raila speaks after dramatic meeting in which journalists were thrown out