Drama as DP Ruto threatens to throw youth who embarrassed him out of his Nyamira meeting [Video]

Deputy President William Ruto was pushed to the wall during his meeting in Nyamira and at some point an angry Ruto threatened to throw out youth out of his event.

Trouble started when part of the attendants began shouting, requesting DP Ruto for jobs instead of the handouts and wheelbarrows that he has been dishing across the country in what he calls empowerment and development.

Angered by the growing chants, DP Ruto monetarily cut short his address and told the youth to either shut up or leave his meeting.

The self-styled hustler has been parading his initiative of handing over wheelbarrows and handouts across the nation, attracting the wrath of his critics.

Many have pointed out that it is the same DP Ruto who promised employment opportunities and paid internships to the youth only to return with wheelbarrows instead of meaningful opportunities for the youth.

His critics have also pointed out that he is mocking the poor and jobless Kenyan youth with his hustler politics and wheelbarrow at a time when his daughter June Ruto is the Charge de Affairs in Poland-a position he got shortly after graduating with many opining that she is neither qualified nor experienced to hold the position.

Ruto is in Nyamira for a series of fundraising events that have been permitted by state agencies.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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