Drama as alleged rogue cop robs alleged fake magistrate who conned alleged graft suspects

A Shakespearean farce played out in a Nakuru police station as officers were treated to free drama after there was reported a case that had more twists than Erykah Baduh’s braided hair. It is a case that has so many angles and which might just happen to end with all three parties (the accused, the complainant and the victim), going to jail. It is the story of a man who’s allegedly an imposter of a magistrate, an alleged rogue policeman, and innocent victims who are now turning out not to be very innocent after all.

Ng’eno, 32, was arrested on October 9 for among others impersonating a magistrate in Nakuru and obtaining Sh1.6 million from a man while carrying out the ruse in 2018.

He had also posed as a brother of Devolution Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter. Keter was previously the Engergy CS.

Ng’eno had gone to the police to report that he had been robbed violently by a policeman.
Ng’eno is accused of telling his targets he would help their children get jobs at the Kenya Pipeline Company.

A target paid the suspect Sh100,000 for this claim.

According to police, Ng’eno, who was privy to an ongoing civil case involving the victim at the said law courts, sought a meet up with him where he promised to expedite the determination of the case in his favour.

Months that followed saw the victim part with Sh1,664,230 in the pursuit of justice which to him had taken too long.

The victim was shocked when he enquired about the “magistrate” at the courts, only to be told that no one by Ng’eno’s name and description was ever a judicial officer anywhere in the county.
Efforts by the victim to reach Ng’eno by all means previously used were futile, as the latter vanished.
Devastated by the turn of events, the victim reported the matter to Nakuru detectives, who have since maintained Ng’eno’s name on the wanted list of notorious fraudsters.

Ng’eno sneaked back to Nakuru county in his previous fashion and style only to be arrested.
A lawyer to the victim had also complained to police for failing to arrest the suspect. He said the money his client used to pay was his pension.

It is worth noting that it’s illegal to entice a Judge or Magistrate with money in return for a favourable ruling. This might land the so called victims in trouble.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga


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