Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi Breaks Silence on Viral Video Allegedly Showing him in Compromising Situation

Former UNCTAD secretary general Dr. MuKhisa Kituyi has for the first time spoken publicly responding to queries about an alleged leaked video of him in compromising situation.

Speaking with Citizen Television on the night of Tuesday, Dr. Kituyi brushed off the video stating that he is a man of personal integrity and should be judged based on his track record and plan for the country ahead of the 2022.

The 2022 Presidential hopeful further noted that he will not address the video, stating that giving a statement on the same would tantamount to lowering his standards and the value of his debate as a presidential candidate.

Responding to reports that he had blamed his political opponents for the leaked video, Dr. Kituyi said that hed had never issued a statement on, or addressed the alleged video with anyone.

“I don’t want to go to lower the debate of my candidature below my neck… The assets I want to bring to this are who is Kituyi? What does he stand for in this country? I will sustain a campaign nationally throughout of dignity and respect even for my opponents.

“…I have not given any such statement to any media outlet or any individual whatsoever,” he said.
This comes months after a video emerged online allegedly showing the former Member of Parliament for Kimilili with a lady in compromising situation.

The short video went viral across the country with a section of netizens calling on the ex-UNCTAD Secretary-general to address the issue, but he chose to stay quiet about it.

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