DPs new strategy in Central; Recruiting 2017 runners up of Kieleweke MPs

Last Saturday but one, Deputy President William Ruto received a guest in his official Karen residence. The guest that had the privilege of visiting the country’s second in command went by the names Duncan Maina.

Duncan Maina was the contestant that lost to the current Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu. Ngunjiri Wambugu has since then become not only one of the DP’s most fierce critics, but also the De-Facto leader of Kieleweke.

This meeting between Mr. Maina and the deputy president is a pointer to the DP’s new strategy in Central Kenya.

William Ruto has embarked on a plan that involves nurturing and promoting candidates that lost to winners who have since joined Kieleweke.
Duncan Maina sounded determined and zealous as the newest member of Kieleweke in his vote of thanks after the meeting.

“Thank you DP for pricking the consciousness and conscience of ordinary Kenyans. We know the colonialists and their surrogates are immensely unhappy, ” said Mr. Maina.

Maina isn’t the only runners up to a Kieleweke winner that the DP has reached out to.

The DP has also met Nyeri businessman Njoroge Wainaina who lost to Kieni MP Kanini Kega in the last election.

Njoroge Wainaina has competed repeatedly against Kanini Kega for the Kieni parliamentary seat. The first time was in 2013 when he lost to Kanini Kega, who was running then on a TNA ticket.

Despite the meeting, Kanini Kega who himself once flirted with the DP, but has since turned into a bitter critic of his, dismissed the meeting saying it was simply just a cheap plot by Wainaina to solicit money from the DP.

“They are just after the cash because the DP has deep pockets. This does not concern us. They can hold whatever meetings they want,”

Apart from just meeting past contestants, DP has also sent overtures to potentially future rivals of Kieleweke incumbents.
Just this month, the Deputy President also met Kirugu Thuku who is an MCA of Nyeri County. Kirugu, who is the Chinga Ward Representative hasn’t declared officially, but nevertheless, rumours have been going around that he is preparing to vie for the Othaya parliamentary seat.

The current MP for Othaya is Gichuki Mugambi who is a Kieleweke member.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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