DP Ruto’s video of struggling minor in driving hustler narrative backfires

Deputy President William Ruto was once again on the receiving end being trolled by a section of the netizens following his online shared illustration of his hustler nation.

This is after the DP in a move to inspire his hustler movement shared a video of a toddler struggling to lift a log off the ground.

According to the DP the overpowering log illustrates the hustler spirit that never dies as the child goes round in circles to enable him move the log from one point to the other.

“The amazing never-giving-up hustler spirit in this boy is inspiring,” the DP tweeted while sharing the video.

His post was however met with unkind words with a section of netizens accusing the DP of encouraging child labour, others were quick to note that the boy’s status would have been better if resources were not misappropriated in Kenya.

“Celebrating child labor for political expediency is just Put litter in its place symbol Put litter in its place symbol. Anyway I wasn’t expecting much from you. I’m not surprised.” NyotaNews Opined.

“Sir it’s my prayer that you will look for him and make him happy for at least a minute”Anoor Noted.

“Imgn huyu kid ako na Deni ya 7Million juu ya Uhuruto Govt alafu u natuambia ety ety he has the spirit of hustling . You’re the problem . You cant fix our problems .” WeThePeopleMovement.

“while I admire the passion of this boy.. unless the video is taken by journalist..i don’t admire the one who and shared ..smartphone versus poverty..the boy is not dressed up.. Oh no.”Pharis K.

“Dp Ruto celebrating poverty is something I don’t understand!!!! My former area MP if only UhuRuto government achieved cheap affordable renewable energy this couldn’t be happening” Aziza Kev.

“This is called child abuse DP William Samoei Ruto, It’s because of poverty that a toddler is doing this, Unless this is not from Kenya.” Sammy Wamalwa.

“Mhesh i respect your ideologies n I love you politically bt today you have let us down,, you should have just insisted to get this boy n support the boy” Innocentbriih

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    Written by Fred Orido




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