DP Ruto’s first reaction after the BBI bill flopped at the Court

In what appears as reference to the Courts yesterday’s decision on the fate of the BBI Deputy President William Ruto penned down a concealed message thanking God for his love to Kenyans.

Taking to his Twitter account, the second in command appeared to suggest that God had saved Kenya from the BBI Bill through the courts following its flop at the High court declaring it all illegal.

“There is God in heaven who loves Kenya immeasurably. May God’s name be Praised forever,” he tweeted.

This follows the five judge bench cision declaring the whole process illegal, arguing that the President cannot initiate a popular initiative.

In its ruling, the high court stated that the BBI task force was a presidential task force and not the people’s taskforce, adding that the BBI steering committee is an unconstitutional body.

“It is our finding that popular initiative is a power reserved for Wanjiku neither the president or any other state organ can utilize article 257 to amend the constitution.

“President cannot purport to directly initiate a constitutional amendment. He isn’t part of parliament. He has no power under the constitution to initiate changes under the constitution since parliament is the only state organ that can consider the effecting of constitutional changes. The president is not permitted to amend the constitution using popular initiative”

On the IEBC front, the Court noted that the electoral body currently lack the quorum to see through a constitutional amendment process via a majority initiative.

“A referendum cannot be determined by an organ that is not properly constituted. We conclude that IEBC did not have the quorum at a time it made and therefore all decisions made were invalid, null and void,” the judges pronounced themselves,” the court ruled.

The five-judge bench was made up of Justices Joel Ngugi, George Odunga, Jairus Ngaah, Teresia Matheka and Chacha Mwita.

The ruling was made after a  number of Kenyans including; James Ngondi, David Ndii, Jerotich Seii, Wanjiku Gikonyo and Ikal Angelei had moved to court to challenge the process.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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