DP Ruto’s close ally Irungu Kang’ata turns enemy in Weston hotel land row

Deputy President William Ruto has once again found himself in muddy waters suffering yet another setback in his bid to save his Weston hotel from demolitions and stop the court order against it.

This was orchestrated by his close political ally and Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata who noted there were plans by the hotel to interfere with the process.

Appearing for the National Lands Commission, in courts earlier in the week, lawyer Irungu Kang’ata opposed the plans being hutched by Weston hotel to stop the proceedings before environment and lands court.

During his submissions to the court, the firebrand senator stated that Weston will have to allow all the proceedings to take place without any interference.

The Murang’a senator argued that the hotel had a chance to appeal once a verdict has been passed at the Environment and Lands court.

“We are of the view that the petitioner has an opportunity to ventilate his issues once the case is determined and your honour, should the intended be determined, we will be taken back there having taken the time here,” Kang’ata told the court.

Opposing the decision, Weston lawyer senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdulahi opposed the decision by the National Lands Commission arguing that the Environment and Land case had no mandate to listen to the case.

The Grand Mullah accused the Murang’a Senator of being clueless in his submissions, while at the same time appealing to oppose the proceedings of the court.

“It shows how clueless it is. If NLC was serious about its functions, it would have appealed the decision you made. The NLC is oblivious to that and it is a tragedy to this country,” Ahmednassir responded to submissions presented by Kang’ata.

In the latest Development, the National Lands Commission (NLC) enjoined the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) to push for the conclusion of the case, which Weston wanted taken to next year.

Lawyer Ahmednassir expressed his discontent in the case claiming that Weston had no chance to win on grounds that an appeal should have first been filed to stop the Environment and Lands Court from hearing the case.

“If you do not stay these proceedings, you will literally take away the right to an appeal,” he stated.

He added,” the record of Appeal was filed on July 9. It has not been given directions.”

Ahmednassir is defending the ownership of the land on which the hotel rests, noting that his client bought the piece from Priority Limited, adding that at the time there was no link between KCAA and the land it now claims.

KCAA however claims that Weston employs delaying tactics in dragging the case, with huddles on the way to frustrate the process of reclaiming back the land as noted by lawyer Stephen Ligunya.

“We have opposed that application. We believe that the appeal is light-footed and will not Succeed,” he said.

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