DP Ruto Will Beat Raila By 10 AM: Miguna Miguna States as He Reveals Why Raila Begged Him

Exiled opposition activist Miguna Miguna has spilled the beans that his exile is linked to the 2022 succession politics.

Taking to social media, the opposition activist and self-declared NRM general revealed that he is lethal at political strategies and for that reason, the two handshake brothers, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga would rather not have him in the country.

Miguna added that he has never been wrong on political strategy and that is why previous and current regimes find him a hard nut to crack when he is on the opposing camp.

“I’ve never been wrong on political strategy. That’s why Moi forced me into exile in 1987 and Conman @RailaOdinga begged me to ADVISE him in 2006 and 2017. That’s why Uhuru Kenyatta is so SCARED of me he issued RED ALERTS. GET THIS: @WilliamsRuto will DEFEAT Raila at 10 AM” Miguna slammed.

His comments elicited mixed reactions on social media with some agrreeing with him while others dismissed him as an attention seeker with nothing new to offer.

Below are some of the comments.

DISCIPLE: The game is very simple for the chief chicken seller, he’s the master strategist, sugoi man is in a class of his own. Love him hate him, he has his plans well thought out. Viva hustlernation.

Optyn Optynaut: “I doubt that! Remember what happened in Zambia? So, with Kalonzo, Gedion, Muda, Weta, Uhuru, &c, supporting Raila as the next best, steady leadership for Kenya, come 2022, Ruto won’t have a path to the presidency. Ruto will be left with a divided mountain & Rift Valley.”

Peter Karnja: “General is simply stating facts….. yesterday’s Tuju interview peeled and exposed how rudderless DP’s opponents are……Baba has started to visit Boda bodas…….it’s cut and paste DP’s strategy only that he is steps behind the DP….”.

Omuwino Mushisa: “Will be a very sad day that Kenyans will live to regret till the next elections, the damage caused could as well dwarf Moi’s misrule….BTW General, I don’t remember Ruto castigating the govt decision to throw u into exile, methinks he won’t allow you back!”

Edward Jamal: “Kenya is not a failed state for Ruto to be President, in a fair election Ruto will lose, in a rigged election Ruto will lose, he will never be the president of Kenya.”

Moses: “But we as UDA we dont need your advice we have enough advisors. No one in UDA can agree to work with you. We will vote for Ruto without your advice”

Alex Omondi: “So what ?Raila has been ‘beaten’ at the presidency since 1997 and yet Kenyan problems persist. At least he’s self accomplished in other areas than a large swathe of Kenyans would ever be. How I wish you will engage in conversations that are progressive and not idiotic”

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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