DP Ruto To Resign Before 2022 General Elections

Kenyans should prepare for Deputy President William Ruto’s resignation from office before next year’s general elections, political observer Babere Kerata Chacha says.

There has been pressure on the DP to leave office, including from President Uhuru Kenyatta, over claims of bashing and criticizing a government he helped form.

But the DP has remained defiant, saying that resigning will be an act of cowardice which he will not do, adding that he was elected alongside Uhuru and cannot be told to leave.

But the commentator says that he will soon have to leave, foreseeing an instance where Uhuru, fed up with the DP’s criticism, will unleash brutality which he won’t stand.

He observes that Uhuru is already fed up with Ruto’s behaviour and has given every indication that he can hit hard, adding that Ruto will have to leave within months.

“In my view, Kenyatta’s patience with Ruto’s frequent attacks on his administration’s agenda is fast wearing down, signalling that the piling pressure in the coming months could force the latter out of government,” he says in an article in The Standard.

But he also says that the push and pull should not consume too much of Kenyans’ attention as it is a normal phenomena that has repeatedly been witnessed in the country.

He at the same time stresses on the need for Kenyans to keenly look at the issue, and whether the country even needs a DP, who at the end isn’t interested about them at all.

He opines that for the politicians, both those eyeing and holding the DP and President seats, it’s more about them and their parties and less about the well being of the people.

“In the end, the relationship between President and his second-in-command are political marriages of convenience aimed at getting their party elected,” he adds.

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