DP Ruto tells off Susan Kihika’s supporters in dramatic Nakuru meeting

It has always been whispered that one of the major reasons Uhuru fell out with his deputy is that the latter held the former hostage. This was recently confirmed by Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju in a press release last month.

In what now appears as a strong message to his Mount Kenya supporters that he isn’t going to let them do to him what he allegedly did to Uhuru, DP Ruto yesterday came out guns blazing. Following a seemingly well laid out plan by Kihika’s supporters led by Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria to blackmail the him into endorsing Kihika for UDA’s gubernatorial ticket, the DP gave the leaders a dressing down.

During the Nakuru meeting which was held at Ngata in senator Kihika’s compound where she hosted the Deputy President, her speech and that of the DP where preceded by those of her supporters.

David Gikaria said that he had already done his groundwork and in the upcoming polls scheduled for next year, all the votes of the area were safely inside the DP’s basket.

He, nevertheless, went on to say that in the upcoming polls, the UDA party was faced with two main goals within Nakuru. The first one was to make sure that Ruto clinched most of the votes in the county, and the second one was to ensure that Kihika wrestles the gubernatorial seat from Lee Kinyanjui. He then called upon everyone there present to put their voices behind the senator in her quest next year because she was the people’s choice.

After the furore that arose when the DP appeared to endorse senator Kang’ata for the UDA Murang’a gubernatorial ticket, most had expected he would steer clear of the matter. However, when he rose to speak, the DP took it head-on and talked about the matter at length.

He said that UDA was a party which respected democracy, and no one was to assume that party tickets were up for grabs through dubious direct nominations. He declared that the end result lay with the people and that was how it was going to be.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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