DP Ruto team reveal next move after Jubilee Party’s bid to end coalition pact

Days after Jubilee party secretary-general Raphael Tuju wrote to the registrar of political parties seeking to end their coalition agreement, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has announced its next move.

In its official statement by the party’s Secretary-General Veronica Maina, the newly revamped outfit officially fired its first salvo on the matter, giving measures it will take.

“The relevant organs of the Coalition parties shall undertake the appropriate arbitration process in a bid to resolve the dispute and update you of the outcome thereof.

“Meantime, all parliamentarians holding office pursuant to the coalition agreement and in particular, the deputy majority leader Senator Fatuma Dullo should continue holding office until such a time as the disputes arbitration panel shall determine the fate of the coalition,” the statement read in part.

Tuju recently wrote to the registrar on its intention to dissolve their coalition pact with UDA, then Party of Development and Reforms (PDR).

“The Jubilee Party National Management Committee, after considering the prevailing political and legal hurdles facing the proposed coalition, have found it improper and untenable to complete the formulation of the Coalition,” the letter read in part.

The ruling coalition cited among others, hostility by fielding candidates in some areas, use of derogatory terms while referring to partners, and the use of party identity.

“Apart from fielding candidates against Jubilee candidates some of their members have continued to refer to Jubilee Party in derogatory terms even in the public domain making it impossible to engage in any coalition-building discourse,” Tuju said.

“The Party has therefore decided to pull out of any further negotiations intended to complete the coalition process as is envisaged by the Political Parties Act and to cease any further engagement and association with the PDR whose officials, symbols and name has metamorphosed beyond recognition in comparison to the PDR we worked with previouslyHowever, and without prejudice, all members of the dissolved coalition holding leadership positions in the Assemblies shall continue serving as such,” he said.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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