DP Ruto Reveals Business That Earns Him 1.5 Million A day Hours After CS Matiang’i Expose

In an attempt to correct the misinformation that was fed to the public yesterday by the interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i while giving an over the assets he owns, Deputy President William Ruto ended up revealing more.

Speaking earlier today at his Nairobi’s official Karen residence, the second in command corrected the he did not own 10,000 hectares of land in Laikipia County.

The DP however acknowledged that most of the information divulged in terms of assets owned were very true, adding that the interior minister left out quite a bit of the information.

Dr. Ruto revealed that he also has shares in quite a number of the companies in the Country that was not mentioned by Dr. Matiang’i in his parliamentary submission about his assets.

While Mocking Dr. Matiang’i to also end his boys to guard that shares at Safaricom, the DP said that he owns 400,000 shares in Safaricom. This is despite the Safaricom shares retailing at Sh42.45, as of September 2 today, translating to about Sh17 million.

“I saw the people from the Office of the President helped do a lifestyle audit for me but they forgot to include 400,000 shares in Safaricom and also say how many officers are protecting them.

“They also forgot to say that my chicken farm has 200,000 hens and I sell 150,000 eggs every day which is about Sh1.5 million daily. They should have gone to the bank and reveal my balance and he loans I have,” Ruto said.

The 2022 Presidential hopeful continued that after finishing with his wealth audit, the interior Cabinet Secretary should move on the wealth of other leaders.

He further accused the CS of using his security saga to settle past political scores while terming his remarks as malicious.

“The Cabinet Secretary desecrated the hallowed precincts of Parliament, exploiting it as a forum to propagate malicious falsehoods and assaulted the dignity of that institution by recklessly publishing inaccurate data purporting to be the property interests and security deployments of the Deputy President. In fact, most of the property listed DO NOT belong to the Deputy President,” Ruto’s office maintained.

The statement from the communication secretary David Mugonyi further said that it was dishonest of Dr Matiang’i to compare offices from an obsolete constitutional and historical era, and which preexisted the Office of current DP.

During his submission yesterday, Dr. Matiang’i told the MPs that Ruto is the most guarded VIP after the president in the history of Kenya, enjoying the services of about 257 police officers, from various units like the DCI, GSU and Presidential Escort Unit.

The Security chief went on to explain that DP Ruto’s security is multi-layered with the inner layer having 121 officers from the elite Presidential Escort team which has since remained untouched.

“The second layer of DP security was rearranged and there was no removal. It is a mandate of the IG to do the rearrangements. Consultations were done before the move was taken. It was legal, strategic and openly done,” CS Matiangi said.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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