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DP Ruto promises a woman running mate

Deputy President William Ruto has today 31 Aug 2020 said he will nominate a woman as a running mate in his bid for the 2022 general elections.

In a move viewed by his political opponents as the beginning of the campaigns for the forthcoming general elections, the DP confirmed his support for the two-third gender rule.

The second in command said it was high time the two-thirds gender rule was implemented to allow women to get equal opportunities in the government and national development.

He further divulged that to address numerous problems bedeviling the womenfolk and the youth, it’s implementation was key.

The DP continued that any debate about the rule book should give priority to the two-thirds gender rule and its implementation.

“It is high time women were given equal opportunity in politics and development of the nation. The two-thirds gender rule should be given priority in any discussion involving the Constitution. That is why I am ready to have a woman as my deputy,” Ruto said.

The DP was Speaking in Mombasa while giving out sanitary pads to women and girls.

The sanitary towels were part of the donations by the United Nations Population Fund.

Ruto acknowledged that women are the backbone of the nation and as such ought to be given equal opportunities in the running of government affairs.

“I am a father of four girls and they deserve as much a chance as boys. It is our sisters, mothers, daughters, and wives who will benefit from the two-thirds gender rule,” he said, urging women to be wary of leaders who only want their votes.

The DP has been on a two- day weekend tour of the coastal stretch and it’s neighboring Eastern region in a move to woo the coastal region ahead of 2022.

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