DP Ruto poaches late President Moi’s Press Secretary Lee Njiru for 2022

Deputy President William Ruto has sought services of veteran Journalist and former President Moi’s Press Secretary Lee Njiru. On Thursday, the DP met Mr Njiru at his Karen residence a meeting which lasted for close to three hours. According to sources, the veteran journalist will be one of the technical advisors in the newly formed Kalenjin Caucus of Journalists tasked to sell Ruto-2022 agenda.

”Down memory lane with veteran journalist and former director of the Presidential Press Service Lee Njiru. His is a story of consistent brilliance, illustriousness, commitment to quality, loyalty and dedication to Service,” the DP tweeted.

Kenyans have over the years drawn speculations on the type of relationship that the late Mzee Moi shared with his long-serving press secretary.

Apart from being Moi’s close confidant, Lee, who coincidentally shares his first name with Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui, who is also rumored to have been the late president’s child, bears a shockingly close resemblance to the former head of state.

Speaking on Citizen TV‘s JKL Show in June this year, Njiru, however, dispelled the possibility of having been Moi’s illegitimate child. According to the journalist who served Moi for 42 years, logically speaking, he could not be the late politician’s child since at the time of his birth, they were both living in different parts of the country.

“I was born in 1949 in Embu, Mzee Moi had not been to Embu during that time,” Njiru explained. Adding that the closest biological link he might have shared with Moi, if any, could only be parents.

“I look like a younger brother not like a son,” he said, adding that he was sure that even a DNA test would prove that he was not the late leader’s son.

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