DP Ruto is Dishonest and so is his ‘Hustler Narrative.’

By Daniel Orogo
Can Ruto accept his graduate jobless relative to be given a wheelbarrow?

The Political discourse about class wars sparked by the DP Ruto’s Tanganga wing morphed into United Democratic Alliance Party (UDA) is not only wrong but also dishonest, radical, and untimely.

A conversation about class struggles cannot be lead by a beneficiary of class exclusion. Similarly, a liberation struggle against oppressive regimes cannot be led by one of the oppressors’.

Firstly, it should be known that a conversation about class struggles is very much required in Kenya to ensure that historical class injustices are addressed, especially empowerment targeting the youth and women living in the informal settlement and poverty-stricken areas. But, for the purpose of honesty and legitimacy about this struggle, it cannot be led by DP William Ruto.

As a beneficiary of the Mois Dynasty, one of the Kenyan dynasty he served in his capacity as a winger of the YK92 militia group, DP Ruto cannot be absolved from the illegal activities that the political militia engaged in such as the accumulation of illegal wealth.

Secondly, Everything about Tangatanga and UDA outfit is not correct. The formation of the UDA party which is part of an existing Jubilee Party is a violation of the constitution and the Political Parties Act. No economy can be sustained by a wheelbarrow or handcarts.

In his right sense of mind, can DP Ruto accept that his graduates yet jobless relatives be issued with a wheelbarrow?

Therefore is Kenyans would embark on objective conservation about Hutsler Narrative and the honesty of DP Ruto’s leadership, it will be a matter of when and not if will the whole Hustler narrative Pyramid will collapse under Ruto

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