DP Ruto incited Kikuyus against Uhuru Kenyatta- Mutahi Ngunyi surfaces with damning revelations

Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi sparked heavy arguments online with an accusing tweet pitting Deputy President William Ruto as a force behind the Mount Kenya rebellion against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In his Twitter handle, Ngunyi ignited the Netizens by saying that the DP incited the GEMA people against his boss.

Ngunyi went ahead to add that the whole scenario could be a con game with one party lying to the other, “Either Ruto is cheating the Kikuyus or the Kikuyus are cheating the DP”.

“William Ruto INCITED Kikuyus against Uhuru Kenyatta. The GEMA rebellion and Kikuyu POISON against Uhuru Kenyatta were all PRODUCED by Ruto systematically. But here is the GROUND TRUTH: Either Ruto is CHEATING the Kikuyus or the Kikuyus are CHEATING RUTO. And I am a Kikuyu” reads Mutahi Ngunyi’s tweet.

His tweet elicited mixed reactions from the Kenyans on Twitter with David Makali joining the conversation terming him chauvinistic with disparate views.

“Hey, your views are getting more strident and desperate by the day bro. What’s with this Kikuyu profiling and ethnic siren on your tongue? Kenyans will make their choices as individuals despite you spewing this grotesque ethnic chauvinism and hatred in the guise of analysis” David Makali.

Ngunyi was also tackled head-on by another user questioning why in the 21st century he still thrives on ethnic groupings and tribal politics.

“Mutahi Ngunyi and some few TRIBAL HATERS have been benefiting from tribal politics and groupings. Their time is up. Why mention Kikuyu in all your tweets in 21 century? The narrative you are trying to create is not working. Kikuyus are with HUSTLER”.

This comes just a day after Senate majority whip Irungu Kang’ata surfaced with a letter to the president terming BBI as unpopular in President Kenyatta’s Mt Kenya backyard.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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